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Elite Sports Mentorship has partnered with Mastery Global (PTY) LTD from Australia to bring you Rugby Specific Personal Development Training Programs.

With our combined international rugby and corporate leadership / coaching experience we can help you turn years of learning into days!
All classroom based programs can now be delivered via Zoom ensuring you don't miss out due to Covid-19!

Each program consists of live zoom calls, video recordings and a downloadable participant workbook.


What we Focus on...

The Captains Run

Whether you are a Captain of the team or are aspiring to be one, this program will get you ready for the big leap from leading yourself to leading your team.

How to Have Challenging Conversations

It’s going to happen! And when it does, you need to be prepared to have a challenging conversation and get your team or individual player back on track.

Team Leadership

Captains and Coaches are both critical to the teams success. Learn the strategies and tactics to become a cohesive team!

Communication Styles

Everyone has a preferred way of communicating, when you know what that is and how to change your own communication style, you unlock the door to greater levels of understanding and rapport.

First Time Coach

Transitioning from player to coach seems easy but requires a completely new skill set. Being a successful player does not guarantee success as a coach. Learn the strategies and tactics to coach on the big stage!

Motivation for the Big Game

Research into this field has revealed the science behind motivation. Once our basic human needs are met, you’ll never need another Hollywood movie to get your team going! Whether you need to motivate team members or the whole team, we can show you how we brought home the silverware on the big stage

Planning the Season Ahead

A team is a reflection of its leadership. The 80mins out on the park requires a lot of strategy, planning and winning off the field. Having successfully won two World Cups, and many other prestigious competitions, we can show you how to get the best out of your season!

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