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  • IRB Level 1

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The Golden Lions are a South African rugby team participating in the Currie Cup, Currie Cup U21 and the Vodacom Cup

Head Coach U21

Assistant Coach Currie Cup


Head Coach

The Lions are a South African rugby team participating

in Super Rugby, the Southern Hemisphere’s Premier Rugby


The Golden Lions are a South African rugby team participating in South Africa oldest Rugby Tournament –

The Currie Cup


  • Absa Currie Cup Final 2007

12 players went on to represent the Springboks at a senior level 

Head Coach  

The Junior Springboks were South Africa’s junior team at National Level, competing in the IRB U19 Championship


  • IRB U19 World Champions 2005

  • IRB U19 World Bronze 2004

  • IRB U19 World Champions 2003

Director of Rugby 

Boland Cavaliers are a South African rugby team based in Wellington, competing in the Currie Cup 


  • Currie Cup First Division Champions 2011

  • Vodacom Cup Play-Offs 2010

Head Coach

Austin Huns Rugby are a rugby team based in Austin Texas competing in USA Rugby’s Division 1, Red River Conference


  • Men’s D1 National Champions

  • Red River Conference Champions

  • USA National Champions

Head Coach

Ragga Rugby Team is a combined USA /SA team that got together for The Algarve 7s tournament in Portugal

What is significant that the team got together a day before the tournament, met for the first time. They had a beach and field training session and achieved a wonderful goal winning the men's open championship


Teamwork – Sportsmanship

Administrators, players, coaches, referees, parents & spectators are expected to uphold our core Values.

Respect and trust

Service excellence

Honesty based






Our coaching philosophy is based on strong core values, systems, norms including life experiences and passion for the game as well as Rugby IQ and knowledge gained on courses in interaction with top international coaches and teams. We aim to develop the game and players through mentorship programs. 

Identifying talented players, developing them as individuals to play the game at the highest level and mould them into strong individuals and competitive teams on and off the field. 

Adding value to players, coaches, referees, clubs, unions and the game RUGBY

The philosophy creates an environment where players enjoy training and working in gaining further experience as a professional player. 

By having a scientific approach to the game especially conditioning and management of individual players (rehab etc.), we get the best out of players.

·         Respect - Get players to work together as a team and care for each other

·         Learn - Create a sense of researching and study the game and positions

·         Labour - Work smart and good ethics

·         Laughter - Have fun and enjoy training and the journey

With honesty as basis, we focus on instilling good work ethics, discipline, desire, dedication & determination 














    Ragga Rugby

    Austin Huns

    Boland Cavaliers

    Lions RU

    Junior Springboks

    Junior Springboks

    Junior Springboks

    Lions RU

    Lions RU

    Lions RU

    Lions RU

    Algarve 7s Men's Champions

    USA National Champions

    Absa Currie Cup First Division Champions

    Absa Currie Cup Final

    IRB U19 World Champions

    IRB U19 Bronze

    IRB U19 World Champions

    Absa Currie Cup Final

    Vodacom Cup Champions

    Bankfin Currie Cup U21 Champions

    Vodacom Cup Champions



He pushed me when I needed to be pushed but was also able to just listen and be someone I could bounce ideas and thoughts off of. I am grateful that he took a keen interest in me and that he was there for me at the beginning of my career. Loffie played a valuable part in the foundation that was laid for me to go on and achieve bigger things you take the time to properly setup your goals at the beginning of the training process. Check out the details

Bryan Habana

Looking back at my career, there are a handful of people who helped shaped the player and person I am today. Eugene Eloff or ‘Loffie’ as most of us have fondly got to know him, was one of those who I am very fortunate to have been there when I was a rather young, wet behind the ears player, with the potential but without any real direction Loffie took a keen interest in my ability, both on and off the field and made sure that he made time for me, despite having so much on his plate. His ability to connect with young players and unearth their true potential made him stand out from other coaches and was one of the reasons why he became so successful with the Junior Springboks during his time at the helm Loffie became more than just a coach, he became a mentor and confidant.

Joe Van Niekerk

“Coach Loffie was an unbelievable mentor for me, especially in my younger years. His undying passion for the game was remarkable! He was definitely a major catalyst in my rugby career and I will forever be grateful . He instilled massive belief in all his players & he created an amazing team environment for growth and transformation! The records speak for themselves; many Springboks have emerged through his innate ability for spotting talent and his unique way of getting the best out of his players! With enormous heart, great understanding and wisdom, he managed to connect with his players on a deeper level!”


Gcobani Bobo

I flew in as 19 year old from Cape Town, landed in Johannesburg to be greeted by a man short in stature. It took sometime to agree in our ideals. I had to make a few changes in my approach. Loffie had assembled a brilliant squad. He went through a lot to understand the individual. He had personal knowledge of his players This gave an automatic buy in to the team culture. Every player he had shown interest in benefitted. He pushed me as hard as any player to fulfil what he had seen as potential. He gave me a chance to become a professional but it was up to the individual to carry on. A person’s value is when someone else is selfless enough to see you succeed & I will always cherish the times I've worked with Loffie. I will be forever grateful

Jaque Fourie

Loffie has been a big part of my success in my career. He gave me a chance first year out of school to play Vodacom Cup for the Lions, and he always believed in me. We had an amazing year winning the Vodacom Cup. He then coached me, when I played Currie Cup for the Lions, we has an amazing season, going to the final but losing it against the Bulls. The time I got to spend under the coaching and mentoring of Loffie, set the pace for the rest of my rugby career, not only as a coach but as a good friend off the field. He will always be one of my best friend and coaches”


Lomani Tongotongo

I had the privilege of training under Coach Eugene Eloffe this year with the Austin Huns rugby team and it has been an awesome journey so far. Loffie as we know him is one of the top coaches that I have been coached by during my rugby career. His stay positive coaching style was what really caught my attention and helped me become a greater player then I was in previous years. His knowledge of the game of rugby is 2nd to none. From on the field to off the field. Being able to manage players and making sure they were physically, mentally and emotionally 100% when it came to game day. His understanding of players and being able to read situations and then approach the each situation correctly is something I as a player would love to learn. Loffie is a great coach but by far a greater man. It's a privilege to call him my coach and also my friend.

Todd Clever

I was introduced to Loffie in 2007, as an American who had not played professional rugby in South Africa, I knew he was taking a risk bringing me to play for the Lions, but he respected my work ethics. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and the year playing rugby in South Africa. We are lucky to have someone at this level of coaching in the USA and this was evident in Loffie’s fist year in the USA, which saw him coach the Austin Huns to Men’s D1 National Champions. Proud to call him Coach and have him as a friend.




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  • We are located in the beautiful Paarl Winelands, Western Cape in South Africa

  • Surrounded by mountains we are 60 minutes away from the Southern Point of Africa where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet

  • We are based in the top International award winning estate Val de Vie where all operations are run from

  • All facilities utilised are within a 20km radius from home base

  • Paarl is known for a strong Rugby culture having two of the top rugby schools and Stellenbosch University