03/20 How old must you be to become a referee?

“How old must you be to become a referee?” That is a question we often hear from schoolboys who want to take up refereeing. The answer is, you can become a referee at any age! We would suggest that you join your local provincial referee society at any age in high school. They will assist you in joining and thereafter take you through the refereeing courses and then start to give you practical experience at your local school games. Refereeing can become a lucrative career for you, if you are prepared to put in the hard work and dedication, just like a professional rugby player. Dedication, fitness and law knowledge are the prerequisites of the modern day referee. ESM will take you through the ups and downs of refereeing on this page and discuss the laws of the game.

Remember that temperament is a referee’s greatest virtue! Like the players, referees are human and will make mistakes, you can’t see absolutely everything on the field and play in modern rugby is extremely fast. How the referee deals with his mistakes and the jeers or abuse he gets from spectators and some players, will dictate how far his refereeing career will go!”