05/01 GETTING READY Part 2.

In our third article in the 101 Hints for Referees series, compiled by Freek Burger, we are still in the “GETTING READY” phase before the referee’s game.

  • Arrive at the ground early. It’s difficult to settle down when you arrive late and feel flustered and agitated.
  • Arriving early gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the field. (the size of in-goal area, the condition of field after heavy rains etc).
  • You should be prepared to make an informed decision if there are objections to the condition of the field before the match. Refer to Law 1. 11&12 OBJECTIONS TO THE GROUND.
  • You will also have had to attend a BOKSMART COURSE and make certain of First Aid requirements at the field regarding injuries and make sure that teams are well aware of the requirements as per BOKSMART COURSE.
  • It is a good idea to report to the local organiser or coach. It also puts them at ease knowing that the Referee has arrived. Just a short brief “greeting” and start your warmup and stretching.
  • Very important to get in touch with Assistant Referees/Touch Judges and to discuss their role. Law 6 19. Do this before the Kick Off so that there is no delay starting game.
  • Also covey to them your role Law 6 5(a) as Referee sole judge of  fact and Laws.
  • School Boy /coaches Touch Judges may NOT SIGNAL FOUR FOUL PLAY only ASSISTANT REFEREES appointed by Union.
  • If you are refereeing an evening match, make sure that you know what the local ruling is about the lights going out during match.
  • If lights go out before half time no match. If lights go out during second half score at that stage will determine winner.

We are getting closer to the TOSS AND KICK OFF. The next three hints will get us there.

Compiled and written by Freek Burger