• Look and act like a REFEREE.A neat appearance is important. This not only boosts your confidence ,it is also good for building respect and trust for you as an official. 

  • This also applies when refereeing younger players and lower teams. The match may not be very important for you as it is for the players (and their parents)!

  • Pack an extra whistle in your bag and take it along in your pocket with the YELLOW AND RED CARDS.

  • Before the start of the match, check that the whistle works properly. A malfunctioning whistle is not only a source of embarrassment but it will also disrupt your concentration.

  • Pack your bag yourself and develop a packing order routine. This should decrease the possibility of leaving something at home.

  • A reliable watch and or stopwatch very important for keeping the time. LAW 6 5b.

  • Include a pencil and a blank card to write down the score during the match. This should rule out embarrassment and confusion at the end of match if there is disagreement about the score. It is, after all, the responsibility of Referee to keep score. LAW 6.17. 

Now we should be ready for the TOSS which we will cover next week.


Compiled and written by Freek Burger