05/20 REFEREE HINTS 19 – 21


  • Despite the desirability of being unobtrusive, you should behave decisively.
  • Your signals should be sharp, firm and clear without being overbearing.
  • Avoid repeating a signal unnecessarily because it could create the impression that you need to justify your decision or have self-doubts. One signal per incident is usually enough.
  • Look SHARP and enthusiastic, but remain CALM. Look as though you are enjoying the game. Beware of creating the impression that you are BORED or disinterested.
  • Always be UP WITH THE GAME regardless of how slow or boring the match is.
  • Always be aware of what is happening on the field but avoid making it your primary aim to be continuously on the lookout for MISTAKES AND INFRINGEMENTS.
  • Although it is unnecessary to always look players in the eye, it is a bad habit to look at the ground. Always focus your attention by looking at something specific.
  • Your body language is also important. It should show that you are ATTENTATIVE AND ENTHUSIASTIC. For example, DO NOT STAND WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HIPS.


We will be moving on to COMMUNICATION for the next 4 modules.

Compiled and written by Freek Burger